4 places you should visit in Southeast Asia besides Thailand

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 We all know someone who has recently visited Thailand. Thailand has become with any doubt in one of the trendiest touristic destinations of the moment. True is that it has a lot to offer: its idyllic landscapes, its cultural exoticism or its low prices make of this country a big touristic attraction to more and more occidental tourists.

In fact, the number of Spanish tourists in Southeast Asia last year increases more than a 26%. According to the data provided by Thai Tourism Office, 88% of these travellers visited the country on holidays, 6% were on their honey moon and 3% were on a business trip.

Despite this new Thai fever, Southeast Asia is a place full of different remote and exotic corners to discover. So, when you are searching for package holidays to Southeast Asia, remember there are places besides Thailand. In this post, we are going to prove it. Here you have 4 places from Southeast Asia you shouldn’t miss, and all of them are not in Thailand.

Tam Coc (Vietnam)

This beautiful corner from Vietnam is not known for most of the tourists, and that is one of its main attractions. The fact that most of touristic buses don’t include Tam Coc as one of their stops is another reason to visit it.

This area, where we can find Ngo Dong river, is full of rice fields, huge rock formations and caves. All these elements form an astonishing landscape that totally is worth a visit.

North of Myanmar

If you want to know the original and authentic Myanmar (also known as Burma due to its old name), the best way to do it is visiting the north of the country. Arriving in Mandalay you can go to Pyin U Lwin. It is a mountain settlement where we can take a train to Hsipaw. During this travel, you will enjoy of a breath-taking rural landscape and a centenary metallic bridge over a 100-meters high cliff. The difficulty of access to this area keeps the Burmese charm at its greatest without signs of tourism.


This curious Indonesian island is known for its wonderful beaches, huge rice fields and incredible temples and palaces. You can go to Amed coast beaches, which are beautiful marine landscapes that still stay virgin and far from most of tourists. Furthermore, is the perfect beginning to visit Water Palaces in Tirtagangga and Taman Ujung. You can also visit another impressive temple such as Pura Ulan in the north coast of Bali. There, you will find Lovina beaches, which are very beautiful too.

LuangPrabang (Laos)

There are few adventurous who visit this little and forgotten country. However, Laos has many corners that are totally immune to time and occidental culture. The best-preserved jewel is with any doubt the old capital LuangPrabang, located in the north of the country. The royal palace and Buddhist temples are a must see there, together with the nocturnal markets.

As you can see, visiting areas that are not mass-tourism destinations is a great way to know Southeast Asia and its purest essence.


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