Best Summer Festivals Around the World

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Get your best friends and go on an unforgettable tour of the most popular and amazing festivals around the world this summer. Some of them we are all familiar with; others are unknown and exciting. But they all offer us a lifetime experience, a wild and positive atmosphere and a lot of good emotions. Whether you like metal, hard techno, folk or pop music, music summer festivals will totally keep your years ringing. As for the other type of cultural events – they are weird, unique and guarantee a lot of fun and thrill.

Music festivals

Summerfest, Wisconsin, United States
According to the
Guinness World Records, this is the world’s largest music festival. With its 45-year-old festival tradition, this summer event runs for eleven days on eleven different stages and it is one of the biggest attractions there, during this time of the year.

Roskilde, Copenhagen, Denmark
This culture and music festival (actually, the biggest one in North Europe) has existed since 1971. A very interesting fact about this festival is that it is organized by around 50 full-time employees and thousands of volunteers. Their number increases every year. During the years, many famous names have played on Roskilde Festival’s stages – Bob Marley in 1978; Talking Heads in 1979; Metallica in 1986 and many, many others.

Bonnaroo, Tennessee, United States
The name of this festival literally means ‘real good time’. It’s one of the biggest summer festivals in the United States, an amazing getaway into excitement, art and music among the Nature. You can dance, smile and taste the best egg sandwiches.

Other Festivals

La Tomatina, Spain
Every year, thousands of people go to Valencia to experience the best (and the largest) tomato fight on Earth. This 
weird festival is situated in the last week of August and sees people of all generations gather for a tomato fight. The dress code is simple – your oldest clothes and glasses (over the years the last one has turned into a binding rule, since the main idea of the festival is to jump into a mountain of tomatoes and then throw them at the rest of the people). Except for the tomato fight, this festival includes plenty of food, various music and a lot of laughter.

Burning Man, Nevada
This festival attracts over 30,000 people every year and runs for a week. The main idea of the event is to get everyone involved in it. It is believed that the overall plot of the event is inspired by the horror movie ‘Wicker Man’, since at the end of the festival, half-naked people burn a giant, wooden scarecrow.

Transylvania Girl, Romania
In the very heart of Transylvanian mountains, local people have created a quirky and very attractive celebration, during which you can meet a lot of new people, including a potential lover. In the middle of July, this festival is a great way to listen to some traditional folk music and get familiar with Romanian culture and customs. It is one of the most popular events in the country and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Rolling cheese down Coopers Hill, Gloucester, England
Every year people from all parts of England gather at
Coopers Hill and get involved into rolling a cake of cheese down the hill. As a whole, this is a fun festival but there is obviously a certain amount of risk involved and ever year there are a bunch of injured people. Nevertheless, it is very popular with the British gathering here in hordes looking for some ‘cheesy’ fun.

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