Bring Your Golf Clubs and Play in Hua Hin

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If you like to play golf but travel frequently on business, then your clubs may have gathered a layer of dust because you don’t have enough time to play. Fortunately, if you’re traveling to Bangkok on business, you can bring your clubs with you and enjoy playing on championship style courses after you’ve finished your meetings and company duties. Just a short distance from Bangkok is one of the most popular resort communities in Thailand called Hua Hin.

More than Just Beaches

Hua Hin is well known for its incredible beaches and many members of the royal family have built homes in the area. The first royal individual to do so was King Rama VII, who built a summer palace next to the waters of the Gulf of Thailand in the 1920s. Most recently, King Rama IX made his home there up until a decade ago when he had to return to Bangkok for medical concerns. If you have time, you can tour some of the palaces the royal family has built over the years.

Although the beaches attract visitors from Bangkok and citizens all around the world, there is much more to do in Hua Hin than just lay on the sand. Many of the resorts in the area have championship golf courses because golfing is a popular pastime in Thailand, just as it is in many other places in the world. Many companies in Bangkok book times for their management staff to tee off at a Hua Hin resort by scheduling conferences there, or by joining their golf club.

By becoming members of the golf club, these companies enjoy golfing privileges on courses in many other countries in addition to Thailand, including Vietnam, Dubai, China and Australia. If you have staff that frequently travel for business in these areas, they can also take their clubs with them and network with their clients by playing a few rounds on the green.

Golf Clubs and Play in Hua Hin

Traveling from Bangkok

Hua Hin gets many of its visitors from Bangkok because it is approximately only 200 km north-east from the resort community; this allows city dwellers to drive to the area when they need a break from the city for the weekend, or when they go on holiday. Most people travel to the area by driving their own cars, or they can take a train to the station and then rent a vehicle or take a taxi to a resort.

Driving to the resort town takes about two to three hours, depending on the route you take, but it is an easy way to travel if you are with a group or bringing your family with you. There are plenty of activities to keep people of all ages occupied, whether they spend time on the beach or take advantage of amenities at the resort in which you’re staying.

If you don’t want to risk damage to your personal clubs by bringing them with you, most of the courses in Hua Hin are full service so you can rent clubs and other equipment with which to play.

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