Car umbrella best way to protect your car from rain and sun

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For many of them car is a luxury and everyone wants to keep their luxury protected from the unwanted harmful materials. In order to protect your car from the damaging materials an innovation of car umbrella has been done. May be it sounds weird to the person who listens to it for the first time but those who already use this umbrella for the car they are well aware with the fact that how useful this product is for them. Nowadays many companies have started producing the car umbrella as the demand of this unique item has increased. If you are looking to buy one, you can consider buying it from Lanmodo.

The umbrella designed by the company is very useful and helps you in the protection of your car, it can be easily installed on the roof the car and the total installation time is 30 seconds. The system of umbrella is powered by the rechargeable batteries which last up to a month. This umbrella is very useful when you park the car in the direct contact of the sun, it will cool down the temperature of the car vary greatly.  A difference of 36 degrees is noticed with the car having the umbrella. This umbrella also saves your car from getting faded. It is available in auto and semi-auto form. The auto one opens automatically while you will have to use the finger push for opening and closing the semi-auto umbrella.3

If you think that this umbrella will easily get damaged in the windy conditions then you are wrong because this umbrella has windproof design which is double protected and also it has four number of wind ropes which help this umbrella to held it at one position. There is a cloth which covers the umbrella. Umbrella is made up of copper material which has a property of anti rusting so that it is safe to use in rain also. At last it is good for you to invest in car umbrella.

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