Cause Of The Rising Emergence Of Egypt Luxury Hotels

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One major factor that has been observed to be a major influence on the spring up of Egypt luxury hotels is fully developed tourist attraction. For instance, before the government in Egypt created Red Sea Riviera most of the visitors to the Red Sea have had to lodge in the area’s biggest resorts like Port Ghalib on the Egyptian mainland, and Sharm El Sheikh on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. But after the attraction was rebranded by government and the place started attracting more people, Egypt luxury hotels were springing up, including the tennis clubs, golf courses, and spas.


The Red Sea has long been a favorite tourist destination for the British. The tourist center which is just a few hours flight from the UK guarantees accommodation to suit any budget, year-round sunshine, and superb diving. The scuba action, which is the nearest warm-water diving to Britain, puts the Red Sea in British expert diver’s top 10 dive spots, and its PADI courses are first-rate.

Again, this region now have wide range accommodation, from little hostels to 5-star hotels, with prices at a reasonable level in restaurants, bars, and dive schools as a result of stiff competition.

Sharm, a place in the Red Sea, has grown organically from a cheap dive destination, but it still feels like a real town. It provides a range of banks, entertainment, crafts, and shops unique to the Red Sea, and in addition it offers the traditional workshops of Old Sharm. Many of the area’s boutique or 5-star hotels are in quieter, less built-up areas out of Na’ama Bay. The Nabq area, north of Sharm airport is another region where there is rising emergence of Egypt luxury hotels, and it’s becoming a favourite spot with windsurfers and kite surfers.

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