Experience a Memorable Vacation To Cirebon

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What does travel mean to you? For me, travel is a way to see life through fresh eyes. For other people that I know? Travel is all about getting some much-needed relaxation. That is the amazing thing about it. Travel means different things to different people. We take what we need from the experience. So, how will you spend your time in Cirebon, Indonesia? Will it be a time of exploration? How about relaxation? Or perhaps a quest for knowledge? These travel ideas will help you achieve the vacation of your dreams…. whatever you happen to be dreaming of.


Explore The Natural Beauty Of Mount Ciremai National Park. Every part of your vacation is planned. You booked your accommodations using Traveloka and are eager to check into your room at the Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon. What next? To experience a truly memorable vacation to Cirebon you will need to start thinking of things to do. Like visit Mount Ciremai National Park. This is located south of Cirebon in West Java, Indonesia. The extensive park has a little bit of everything. An active volcano (which has the highest peak in the West Java area), places to go hiking, beautiful landscapes, and wild animals. This is a great place to go for a walk, enjoy a nature hike, and take some jaw-droppingly beautiful travel photos. You will want to visit!


Satisfy Your Stomach At One Of The Many Local Restaurants. Being honest? One of the most exciting things about travel? Enjoying all of the delicious local dishes. There is something so amazing about it. Embracing something new, different, and unique. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Falling in love with food. This is especially exciting if you happen to be a hardcore foodie…. but everyone can have fun trying new things. Thankfully there are many different restaurants in Cirebon. It all depends on what you want. A few places to keep a lookout for include Nasi Jamblang, Nasi Lengko, Sate Kalong, Tahu Gejrot, and Haji Moel Seafood. One thing is certain. Your stomach will thank you for stopping by one of these fabulous restaurants.


Check Out Some of The Local Attractions In Cirebon. There is a reason people love to visit Cirebon. Just think about all of the attractions. Make sure your days include stop offs at some of the very best. That includes Keraton Kasepuhan (the oldest sultan’s palace in Cirebon), Kraton Kanoman (a palace founded by Sultan Anom I back in 1677), the Sunyaragi Caves (this is by far one of the most popular spots in the area. It is a cave located in the village of Sunyaragi. The beautiful caves were a place of peace, rest, and meditation for the Sultan of Cirebon and his family), the Grave of Sunan Gunung Jati (this is a place of serious interest in the city. The area shows graves from the early 15th century. There are also small shops and guides nearby.) See? Whether you love history or beautiful sights…there is an attraction in Cirebon for you.

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