Five Benefits of Booking a Self-Guided Walking Tour

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One of the best ways to visit different cities or countries is to walk around and absorb all the sights and sounds of them. Unfortunately, when you take a tour, you may not have time to explore the different destinations that you visit. All your time is scheduled, and it can feel as if you are rushing through most of the places on your itinerary. However, there is a better alternative: a self-guided tour.

Take Your Time

Although you do have an itinerary to follow on a self-guided tour, you don’t have to follow it strictly when you’re cycling or hiking between overnight stops. If you want to spend extra time in a village or go off to explore another path, you can do so at your leisure. As long as you make it to your overnight stay close to the scheduled time, you can do as you wish while on tour.

Luggage Transfers

During your daily hikes, you only need to carry a daypack, as your luggage will be transferred to your next destination for you. That means you don’t have to cram everything you want to take on your holiday in a rucksack. This allows you to pack hiking clothes for daily use, and you can also include some more formal clothing to wear for dinner each night at the hotel or bed and breakfast in which you’re staying.

No Extensive Planning

Going on holiday requires planning, especially if you are travelling without the assistance of a travel agent. However, when you book one of the many self-guided walking holidays that are available to you, all the planning is already done. All you have to do is pick a destination, and the tour company will give you a map of the routes you will take between your nightly stays, which are arranged for you.

All Inclusive Pricing

When you choose a tour, all the planning, including reservations for accommodations, are made for you. This can be especially helpful in smaller towns with small hotels, or bed and breakfasts that are not listed online or don’t have online booking options. If you are taking a tour during the peak season, accommodations may be booked in many locations, and you would be left out if the arrangements were not already made for you.

Walking Tour1

Rest When Necessary

When you take a self-guided hiking tour, you can stop when you need to rest your feet or just want to drink some water under the shade of a tree. You don’t have to worry about falling behind a group or that you are delaying them if you cannot keep up with their pace. If your body is tired or you just want to relax in a village that you come across, you can do so at your leisure.

A hiking holiday is a great way to sightsee while in another country. You will see more of the area than you would if on a regular tour, and you can meet local people on your daily routes.

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