Going on an Adventurous Scuba Diving Trip

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Scuba diving is an amazing and adventurous sport which is enjoyed by many people. If you are also crazy about exploring the ocean, then you should definitely come to Hanauma bay in Hawaii Island where you can enjoy scuba diving with special facilities. There you get the chance to see the ocean animals from the near as this area is known for the habitat of many ocean careatures. You can watch beautiful marine life with the likes of what you only see in movies and TV.

It is a great experience to enjoy diving with real ocean creatures. You can also specifically go for diving with dolphins, shark diving etc. You can can snap pictures with them; make videos using waterproof cameras so that you can share with your friends and family. There are different diving packages available at the diving schools where you can select the right package according to your budget. You will get all the necessary equipments from the scuba diving school or you can rent them or buy them from the shops at the Hanauma Bay beach.


Watch Videos

On YouTube; many divers have uploaded videos of diving at Hanauma bay. You can watch them and watch the adventures of the deep oceans. You can watch ocean creatures wandering in the ocean, preying on each other, taking dive in the ocean after going up on the surface and many more.

Get Registered

If you are diving for the first time, then you can join scuba diving schools at Hanauma bay beaches which are owned and run by the certified and expert scuba divers. They provide you training for the diving so that you can learn diving in the deep ocean. You are also provided an expert diver who is always with you to guide and instruct you for diving. They also ensure your safety. By paying a few pennies, you will be able to get enrolled in the scuba diving school.

Starting the Dive Trip

Your diving trip starts with introduction to the diving instructor book which you can buy from any local Hanauma Bay gift shop. It will help you to read out the instructions which you are expected to follow while diving.  If you do not want to read the book, you can buy the instructions CD which you can watch to learn the basic and to know how you can explore more. Once you are finished with reading book or watching the instruction CD, the scuba diving expert provides safety training to the divers to ensure maximum and full proof safety of the divers.

We also highly recommend contacting and booking your dive tour with Living Ocean Scuba.

After the basic instructions and safety lessons, you are provided in water lessons for diving. On the day 1, you are provided training in the big swimming pool so that you can overcome all your fear of water. By practicing breathing exercises and diving in the swimming pool or on the beach side.

After you complete the training and learn all the skills required for diving, you can dive into the sea to explore the ocean.

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