Historic moment for the Yeti and Tara Airlines on attaining International Safety Standards!

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Yeti Airlines is the best domestic airlines offering daily flights to several places of Nepal right from Katmandu to the Pokhara, Nepalgung and mountain Flight. The airlines give an amazing view of Mount Everest and so it is extremely famous. Being the largest and the best domestic airlines, it has started the commercial flight operation even. It got established in the year 1998 and received the Air Operators Certificate in the same year. Yeti and Tara Airlines form the largest domestic flight in the Nepal. Yeti operates the fleet of 7 aircrafts and offers flight to ten destinations. The group of Yeti and Tara has more than 60% market share. Now both are enjoying a historic moment where Yeti and Tara have attained the International Safety Standards. The Airline has attained IATA’s ISSA finally.

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The great honor of attaining ISSA!

The International Air Transport Association has offered the ISSA Programme Standard implying IATA Standard Safety Assessment recognition. The basic safety audit was conducted on the observation of the CAA or Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. The safety audit was carried out by ICF. ISSA, standing for IATA Standard Safety Assessment, is actually the global aviation safety program that is done by the IATA and is acknowledged by the global aviation community since the airline maintained its safety standard to a great extent. Now with the acknowledgement, the Yeti and Tara Airlines have set a sort of benchmark in the South Asia to attain this standard. Yeti is the first airlines to attain this standard or the ISSA safety standard. This is being said by none other than Capt. Ravi Kanskar who is the director of the Flight Safety at the Yeti.

The prestigious ISSA!

Yeti airlines and Tara Airlines passed the standard safety assessment program and received the ISSA. Kanskar expressed his extreme delight by saying that finally the recognition is being given after the series of assessments and documentation process. Now, the Airlines meet the global safety standards and acknowledged worldwide. For the entire Nepali aviation, this is the real historic moment and it is thought to be a great success. The award is sure to inspire the other airlines to operate more efficiently and will propel them to keep in mind the safety needs.

The IATA International Safety Standards!

So, Yeti and Tara Airlines have fulfilled the Safety Assessment Standards of IATA. In fact, they are the first Nepali Airlines being awarded this honor. The airlines are now IATA approved in terms of global safety standards. The media manager has to say a lot of things about this. He says it is the golden achievement for the Nepali airline company since finally an assurance has been provided to the stakeholders. Even the other airlines are now motivated to operate efficiently.

In the month of July 2015, Tara Air added the Viking DHC6-400 twin otter aircraft. The series of the brand new 400 boasts cutting edge avionic technology having an integrated glass cockpit.

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