How to Make Authentic and Traditional Maple Syrup

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There are several steps involved in producing maple syrup and is rooted from nature’s own process. This includes collection of sugar bushes to modern tubing, to storing in tanks, going to the sugar house for the evaporation process until the finished product is made.

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Let us discover how authentic and traditional maple syrup is produced.

Traditional Harvest of Maple Tree Sap

The sap of the maple tree is traditionally collected during spring time when there is quite high temperature at daytime and decreases as night sets in.

Sugaring Season for Maple Sap

Late February is the start of the so-called “sugaring season” and ends in late April. During this time, the process of producing maple syrup is done.

Process of Producing Maple Syrup

As stated in the introduction of this article, several steps are done in making maple syrup which starts with the natural process.

  • A drill is used to tap maple trees and create a hole.
  • Out of the hole made, a spile is placed inside after which drips of the maple tree sap begins to form.
  • The maple tree sap can be collected in a bucket or placed in a tank.
  • From the gallons of sap harvested, they are then placed in sugar house where it s poured into a maple sugar evaporator.
  • In the maple sugar evaporator, the concentration or “boiling” of the sap into maple syrup is done. The steam which comes out of the evaporator pre-heats the sap.
  • After the syrup becomes concentrated, it is placed into a container then filtration is done.
  • During the filtration method, nitro or sugar sand is removed from the syrup.
  • Finally, after filtration, the maple syrup is placed in bottles or any other containers.

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