Living in Bangkok: 8 Important Things You Should Know

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Modern transport system,yummy cuisine and vibrant Night-Life are some of the many reasons that turn Bangkok into an eye candy for the tourists. During the day, life seems fast when everyone looks in a hurry however it starts getting soaked in colors and lights as the sky gets darker. This city welcomes expats and tourists from all over the world and they all go back with sweet memories of Bangkok. Although Thai people are very friendly and there are very less chances that someone will get into a trouble while their stay in Bangkok.

Below are some of the Do’s and Dont’s of living in Bangkok:

  1. Thai are happy people. They love to smile all the time.

Do you know that Thailand is known as Land of Smiles? That’s so true and you understand the meaning of that notion once you come across Thai people. Their face cut is naturally designed for a perfect smile. I have seen them smiling at certain occasions which made me realize that all of their smiles may not depict happiness. For instance, once we were waiting for BTS at Ramkhamhaeng station to get to Airport. The station was jam packed as it was some kind of peak hour. When the train arrived everyone tried to get some space in the train so that they don’t have to wait for the next train. Luckily i also managed to get some place to stand near the entrance. As the BTS doors closed with a loud thud, through the transparent door I saw a Thai women smiling with a heavy luggage bag in her hand. She had just missed the BTS and probably she was also in hurry to reach somewhere but she was smiling as she saw the BTS leave the station. So be vigilant to differentiate the messages behind the smiles and respond accordingly. By the way Thai people are happy by nature and eighty percent of smiles will be showing happiness so never forget to respond courteously.


  1. Thai people avoid all kinds confrontation, actually they truly hate it.

That’s so true about Thai people. They will use all their nerves to avoid conflicts. I have found Thai people’s attitude much similar to Customer Care staff of a company. Thai people accommodate and accept others and they also expect that others will treat them similarly. If someone hurts them accidentally they forgive. It means that if you have good intentions, you are out of trouble but it should be very clear that if you intentionally step on someone’s foot twice, they will not greet you with a wide smile.

  1. You never dare to say anything bad about the king. They love their King bigtime.

Thai monarchy is loved and respected by the people. Thai people consider the King and Queen as father and mother of the nation. Although a democratic political system deals the matters of the kingdom, the importance of Monarchs has never faded. This strong bond exists because Thai monarchs always kept the interest of people in view. They outlined a path that led the nation to a prosperous path and glory. The strength of Thai monarchy successfully resisted the shadows of colonialism and Thailand was the only South East Asian country that stayed independent during the wave of colonialism. The portraits of King and Queen are displayed at various intersections of Bangkok. On national days these pictures are adorned with flowers and Thai people look up to them with reverence. When I went to watch Stars Wars in cinema, I had to stand up to watch a documentary about King Rama IX as the national anthem played in background before the movie. This practice is observed at many places and people enthusiastically stand up for national anthem and show their respect for the homeland and the king.

  1. Temples are sacred to Thai people so you must be respectful when you are here. You must abide to their rules and regulations when there.

Thai people are religious. They regularly go to temples. As I was going upstairs on the central escalators in Siam Paragon, an LED billboard flashed with the message “Respect for Buddha” and a plea to stop using statues of Buddha as decoration pieces. It reveals that Thai people have become conscious regarding the tourist’s attitude towards Buddha and their religious practices. So If you visit a temple, take off your shoes before entering the praying area and make sure that you don’t disturb a Buddhist who is busy in worship. If you feel like taking snaps then look for a suitable place. And please avoid taking Selfies with Buddha, it’s disrespectful.

  1. A lot of things here are definitely inexpensive.

Apart from brands that are sold at same price all around the world, many local products are very inexpensive. Thai markets are not less than a heaven for European and American customers. Foreigners love to buy garments, decoration pieces, gadgets and super inexpensive and yummy food from Bangkok. So when you are in Bangkok, shop until you drop.


  1. You will feel belong if you plan to stay long. There are so many expats and missionaries living here.

Bangkok is an international city in true sense. Whether you go to a restaurant or board a train or while you are shopping in a market, you’ll see a lot of foreigners around. Hence the milieu makes you feel at your second home.

  1. Make sure to wear sunscreen protection. Thailand has a super hot climate.

The only harsh thing in Bangkok is its sunlight. Thai people also use sunblock creams to save their skin from burning effect of sunlight. So never forget to use sunblock when you are going out at day.

  1. There are tons of 7-Elevens in the city.

7- Elevens let you buy all the necessary items of day to day use from a single shop. They are strategically spread in the city so it’s very likely to find a 7-Eleven where ever you go in Bangkok. 7-Elevens also offer some interesting discounts which remained beyond my level of understanding. I saw these shops open till late night and the best thing about 7-Eleven is that you can buy ready to eat meals; packed in electrically heatable boxes. So when you feel hungry at wee hours, look for the nearest 7-Eleven.

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