Living on the Sailboat within the Caribbean – Maybe it was Safe?

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We loved living on the sailboat within the Caribbean for 8 years. People are asking we obtain is all about safety and piracy.

Rapid response is we was without an issue, not really an accidents, in individuals 8 years. Why? I do not think i was lucky, we simply used good sense.

By cruising within the Caribbean, I’m mentioning towards the Windward’s and Leeward’s, Trinidad and Venezuela. That’s where we cruised. We went no father west than Puerto La Cruz ,Venezuela. Why? The current winds come from east to west with that area of the globe. When you venture west you face a difficult beat returning east.

safe boat

Piracy…should you be a druggie and wanted a ship to smuggle drugs would you’ll need a sailboat which goes 5 knots or perhaps a go fast that does 80? The very fact sailboats aren’t fast belongs to the benefit of them however a deterrent to pirates.

Arms aboard…Irrrve never have possessed a gun therefore we did without. Irrrve never wanted I’d one aboard either. This can be a personal choice folks but I’ll spread the guns. Each island had custom and immigration forms to complete. Every island, in the British Virgin Islands to Trinidad, requested when we had guns.  I stated no having a obvious conscience.

safe boats

At anchor…our boat would be a 35 feet Island Packet having a four to five feet freeboard, retracting ladder around the stern, no go swimming platform. We hauled the dinghy up during the night, it was not just quieter however it made our boat more unattractive to some boarder.

Ashore…no jewellery, opt for others during the night…exactly the same stuff you would do in your own home in the united states, within an unfamiliar town. Stay near to the boat and you’ll be fine.

That had trouble? We did learn about a couple of ugly occurrences within our 8 years. Both happened in Venezuela, involved single handers and both involved a little of alcohol. If you’re on your own I’d gentle and never stray too not even close to the boat. For the alcohol, do your heavy hanging out in your boat or on the fellow cruiser motorcycles boat, not ashore.

Communications…around the Single Side Band radio internet within the AM cruiser motorcycles have been in communication all around the Caribbean. The daily weather internet will be a great place to report any difficulty anywhere. Many of the conversations would go such as this…Inchmy dinghy was stolen last evening in Charlotte now Amalie, St Thomas …”, question ,”maybe it was in davits?”…”uh no, it had been associated with the boat”…a pause…question, “Maybe it was locked?”…”Uh no. See what i mean? It was reported very, hardly ever and could have been prevented altogether after some effort.

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