Louis Habash – The genesis of a versatile travel writer

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The success of a writer is defined by his popularity among the readers. The greatest success in a writer’s life is the level of acceptance that he receives from the readers. It is not that everyone who reads the writings of Louis Habash finds it interesting but definitely the majority of them would vouch for his quality of writings. It is this large section of readers who keeps the writer alive and kicking by providing vital motivation to come up with even better writings. For a writer there cannot be any greater encouragement than the love and affection showered upon his creations by the readers. From choosing the topics that will be liked by readers to presenting it in the most attractive manner is what Louis has been doing consistently for his readers.

Versatile writer

Versatility has been the hallmark of Habash’s writings. Instead of confining himself to any particular genre of writing, he writes for the love of the subjects that are very dear to him. This is the reason it is not possible to label him as a writer of any particular type of writing. Louis Habash is so fond of writing and has been blessed with such literary acumen that he can create a splendid article on anything that touches his mind and is also to be liked by his readers. He can do a wonderful balancing act in choosing the topics of his writing that would surely be attractive to readers. He loves to write about films, both the movies and the making of it, the film industry at large and the technological aspects of film making.  Travel writing and technological article writing are his other passions that have helped him to earn the tag of a versatile writer.travel

Writing about films

Film as a subject has always fascinated Louis, ever since he was a child. It began with the high impact that the movie “Godfather” had on his young mind when he was literally moved off his feet. He was so moved by the film that he could not resist his urge to express his reactions and feelings about the movie that left an indelible mark on his mind. Thus began his journey as a film writer that later made him try out his hand a film making for a brief period. While writing about other sensational movies like Casablanca, The Graduate, Citizen Cane and Raging Bull he was attracted by the art of film making an its technology. Soon he began to write about the technicalities of film making, too.

Traveling to write

He loves to mix with people, know about different cultures and explore new destinations to satiate his intense desire to explore the world in its varied hues. His sensitive mind keeps collecting interesting topics from his travelling experiences that he does not hesitate to share with his readers through his articles on travel.

Louis Habash is a writer who has donned many hats only to entertain his readers who have made him the writer that he is today.

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