Most Popular Mountain Bikes Types worth Knowing About

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The world of mountain bikes is quite versatile. There is something special in all cheap mountain bikes for sale that can complement the needs of all kinds of buyers. Depending upon a variety of features and applicability options, one can classify the mountain bikes in a lot of styles mentioned as under.

Cross country mountain bikes

This is the most popular types of mountain bikes which are spotted quite frequently in the bike shops. These are lightweight mountain bikes and are considered fit for faster rides. Popularly known as XC bikes, these sporty bikes are classified as trail bikes and race bikes depending upon the speeds they deliver and the purposes served.

Enduro mountain bikes

As the name suggests, Enduro mountain bikes spell endurance. These mountain bikes although deliver the same purposes like cross country ones, but differ from the latter in following points:

  • These are the bikes with sturdier and heavier frames
  • These have wider tires with extra grip
  • These are better suited for steeper trails

Downhill mountain bikes

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Downhill mountain bikes are for high speed adventures. These bikes are best fit for the riders who love to go downhill only and enjoy effortless ways of having fun. Since the downhill bikes are meant for faster travels, these are equipped with speed supporting features. Thus, you may find wider wheels, smoother and more effective brakes, better shockers – all of these support controlled speed down the hills.

Freeride mountain bikes

These are a crossover between the XC bikes and downhill bikes and are considered most suitable for using them in jumping stunts. The bikes of this type are extremely lightweight and are very easy to maneuver. With compact frames, these can help scale a variety of difficulties and allow the rider to achieve more adventures by setting newer and better jumping records.

So, decide the purpose first before going for the purchase of a mountain bike. A number of buying features depend upon the purpose, and then comes the budget. So, go for those mountain bikes that can meet your needs without making a hole in your pocket.

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