The best road trip: Perth to Melbourne!

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If you think planning a road trip from Perth to Melbourne is the easiest thing you will do, you’re sorely mistaken. At first, the excitement of travelling makes it seem all easy and dandy until it’s actually time to face the reality of how things will most probably be. The sound of the estimated 3500km drive {sometimes 5000km depending on the route you take} will make you consider taking a flight and get there in few hours; but at the end of the day, you have to consider that driving is probably the best part of it. And what better way to do it than with a campervan hire from Perth! It is said to be one of the best road trip adventures in Australia as you come across a wide array of coastlines, red sands, beautiful towns, very great beaches, amazing sunsets and incredible wineries.

The first thing to do is to get a survival kit; the first aid kit, a touch light, some packs of beer, packs of crisps, some crackers, tuna or whatever works for you as handy food during the road trip. Pick up your campervan and take time to get used to driving it as it sometimes takes a while to get used to. Take the inconspicuous roads before hitting the express and entering the noise of the busy road.

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The road to Margret River region is three straight hours from the state route 2 if you take the south. Brusselton or any other place around Agusta is the perfect place to spend the night: here you get to enjoy amazing sceneries. Alternatively, you can head straight to Albany and spend about 2 nights straight; you have the perfect opportunity to check out the Albany wind farm, the beautiful beach of Nature Reserve, the Blow Holes{which only work in certain weather conditions} and the Dog Rock which is just by the road side.

The estimated five hours drive to Esperance is an amazingly great one; you get to see the Pink Lake in its beauty and like its name implies, the lake should be the 9th wonder of the world. The twilight beach, Cape Le Grand National Park and the Lucky Bay are definitely enough to make you want to stay over schedule for the number of days you’ve planned. It’s that amazing! The Great Ocean Drive has such a breathtaking view that you would be tempted to just park, and bask in its view. The town is absolutely stunning and a crowd favorite.

You get to pass through Madura, and probably sleep for a night before moving on to Ceduna- which is a very astonishing coast town with the best sunset views. If you manage to get there just before sunset, trust me, you’d be left impressed. The Border village is so awesome that you’d feel you’re in two places at the same time! The Bundura Cliffs are the most spectacular beauty which sits proudly as show off of Western Australia’s natural beauty.

The drive after that is about five hours east. You get to enjoy some remote and serene space; you play your favourite music and enjoy the Western Australia serenity. You can either stop at Port Augusta and stay at the Discovery Parks campground or move on straight to Adelaide.

Adelaide is said to be one of the greatest wine regions is Western Australia, which is recent times fast becoming one of the liveable cities around. It has exquisite restaurants and can easily be called a cosmopolitan city despite the quiet lifestyle there. Almost five hours drive South East of Adelaide and beyond that is Victoria, then Port Fairy. You’ll get amazing views of volcanic landscapes, crater lakes, the blue lake, sandy surf beaches and river inlets. The Great Ocean Drive should definitely be on everyone’s things-to-do thing. Estimated to be about 250km of coast line drive, you will definitely be blown away by its beauty. The Bells beach is also one of the most spectacular views you’ll probably see.

Port Campbell, Apollo Bay-where the hills meets the ocean, a stop to see the great view of the 1 apostles: a breathtaking picturesque of stacks of limestone, the charming coast town called Lorne where you enjoy the outdoor ocean activities, dives, swims and surfs are the other stops you need to make as your trip to Melbourne would be incomplete without them. About an hour after these stops and viola! It’s welcome to Melbourne.

All along the road trip, as suspected, there are no phone receptions except in the towns and cities; there is unlimited supply of 4G in campervans and please, do not drive at night.

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