Top Tips to Have a Stress Free Vacation in Venice

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If you plan to visit Venice make sure you do your homework so that you will have a stress-free vacation. First of all, do research on what transfer options are available from the airport and what are the costs. You can also book Venice airport taxi services if you so not want to lose time and get stressed while searching for a bus, train or taxi stops.


  1. It will be a good idea to buy a tourist water transit pass if you want to avoid paying $9 each time you use a vaporetto. For $24 you have 12 hours of unlimited rides and for $26 you have 24 hours. This way you can use the water taxi as many times as you want without burning a hole into your wallet.
  2. Be careful, not all free boat rides are free. If you plan to visit the Murano glassblowers and are offered a free ride to the factories, keep this in mind: the ride is free if you purchase the expensive glass. If you don’t buy anything you might be given a return ticket for a normal boat or sometimes nothing at all! So you’d better choose the water bus.
  3. Remember that you are not the only tourist who wants to visit Venice. So it might feel quite come crowded everywhere you go. If you feel that this is too much for you go to the Royal Gardens or the Giardinetti Reali, take a walk and relax. It’s a couple of steps from the Piazza San Marco, but not many people know about this hidden place.
  4. Be prepared to get lost in Venice. No matter how prepared you are (maps, GPS,etc.) you will still get lost. And what is bad about that? You will get to see amazing medieval streets and buildings. So just take advantage of your mistakes and enjoy what you stumble upon. Also, don’t be afraid to ask locals for directions. They are really friendly and always willing to help tourists.
  5. if you are a tourist you do not have to eat like one. Often tourists are guided towards expensive restaurants offering ‘happy hours’ and ‘tourist menus’. You can end up paying €40 per person for food that you did not even like. Ask the locals or your tour guide (if you have one) to show you the local, inexpensive, authentic eating establishments. You will be really surprised how different local food is than the one served in expensive restaurants.

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