Visiting Pokolbin: A Traveller’s Guide

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Australia’s Hunter Valley region is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the country. Known as the Hunter Region, the valley is famous for the many wineries and vineyards that are located here. The Hunter Valley is situated in New South Wales, and extends at a distance from around 120 km all the way to 310 km from Sydney. The region consists of many rural localities, the Hunter River and highland areas spreading over to the north and the south.  The region is popular for its coat industry and wineries.

One of the most commonly visited rural localities in Hunter Valley is Pokolbin. Pokolbin forms part of the Singleton Council local government, and is located in the centre of the Lower Hunter Valley. It falls within the Important Bird area of Hunter Valley. Pokolbin is a great place to visit for people who are looking to get away from their busy lives and just take a break. You can find lush green fields, expansive vineyards and tourist lodges where you can stay. Since the area is so frequently visited by tourists, it’s not difficult to find a decent Pokolbin accommodation.

It’s important to note that the primary attractions in the region are the many wineries and vineyards. Many of these wineries and vineyards are owned by families that operate small businesses. Some of these are also owned by large multi-national companies. The Pokolbin village is a major attraction, and if you are looking to find accommodation here, you should find a decent room in one of the many motels and lodges in the village.

Comparing the Rates

Tourists visit the Hunter Valley region year round. It’s important for you to choose decent accommodation at affordable prices. Many private lodges that are run by small families in Pokolbin give you the chance to make an online booking. You can’t expect five-star amenities from these local lodges, though they offer comfortable living at a fraction of the price.

Visiting Pokolbin

Before making a booking at any private lodge or motel, you should compare the rates with other places in town as well. Using an online booking website is an excellent option in this regard. You can easily check out the interior pictures of different cabins and places in the region, thus allowing you to get a better idea of whether the rates are inflated or worth it.


Most private lodges offer limited accommodation. If you are travelling with a company on an annual retreat, you will need to hire a corporate lodge. However, if you are travelling with your family, you can just stay at a local cottage. Most cottages offer accommodation for up to four people and include attached bathrooms. Not all cottages will allow you to bring a pet along, so you should discuss this with the owner of the place if you are travelling with your pet. You can also make a booking online so that the company can prepare the room before you arrive.

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