Why you should visit Myanmar

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Listed on top 10 countries to visit in 2017 by lonely planet, Myanmar comes to the attention of visitors for many things. While cultural enthusiasts can feel the difference of regional traditions, adventurers will be overwhelmed by the wilderness that Myanmar exposes. Above all, Myanmar offers some of the most celebrated journeys that you should embark on at least once a life time

Fascinating Culture
Myanmar is home to 135 ethnic groups who treasures their own cultures, exotic tradition and unique customs.  From south to north, you will have endless chances to enrich your knowledge of local by so many rites, festivals and friendly encounters.
While in big cities, artworks are flourishing, the countryside remains its charm through traditional workshops and crafts.
Amongst many peoples, Myanmar has Naga land and remote Chin states which are newly opened for tourism and you will have time to uncover why the Chin women tattoo their faces.

Thousands of pagodas
Probably Myanmar has the biggest number of pagodas in Asia. Yangon houses the giant Shwedagon pagoda, Mandalay scatters its faded Buddhism monuments around the four ancient capitals, Bagan condenses itself with over 2,500 pagodas yet it is not all.
The country has big Buddhism influence thus you will find stupas and paya almost everywhere you cross.
Pagodas features big photogenic source for any photography trip to Myanmar and they are actually.

Beautiful Beaches and Islands
With a long coastal line of over 1,200 miles, there is no question why Myanmar possesses so many sandy beaches.  From Bay of Bengal with Ngapali and Ngwe Saung Beach to Andaman sea with hidden beach paradises, Myanmar soon gains its reputation as a destination of world class beach experience.
The south of Myanmar with Mergui archipelago also promises the stunning opportunity to explore the wild islands, private beaches, emerald waters and diverse marine national park.

Rugged Mountains
Have you ever heard that in such a tropical country, there exists a snowcapped mountain? The answer is yes. Trekkers will love to stretch their legs in Putao national park, a stunning place with abundance of natural spectaculars and ethnic diversity.
Shan state is another draw for mountain explorers. Touring the whole area may take up to 1 week and there are trekking, horse riding and elephant riding activities for active travelers.

Unique Experiences
Distinctive excursions and tours make Myanmar outstanding from its neighboring countries.  These magnificent characters are principle for a Burma Tailor Made Holiday you should expect.
Balloon over bagan affords amazing view on a sacred plain, cracking the sunset from the sky.  The second thing you should miss is the demonstration for Inle fishermen who navigate their wooden boat by one leg. Lastly, lake sure you spend time to sample the delicious Burmese cuisine.

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